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Clinic Policy


For appointment bookings please call us.
Phone lines are busiest 9:00-10:00 am and 1:00-2:00 pm.  For non urgent matters and to reduce your wait time on hold,  we encourage you to phone outside these times.

Please also note different doctors work different hours during the week. 


Please cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee - Cancelation fee for Prolotherapy or Specialized physician is $150.
With enough notice, we can offer the appointment to another patient and ensure all our appointment times are filled. This will help improve service to our patients by reducing how long our patients have to wait to see their doctor.

Medication Refills

If requesting a prescription, please try to bring a list of the medications you need refilled.
During the COVID pandemic, we offer renewal of prescriptions over the phone for free. Otherwise this is an uninsured service with a 32$ fee. To avoid this, we advise you to book an appointment if you require a prescription refill. In case of emergency, your pharmacist is able to provide an emergency supply.


Please book an appointment with your doctor to discuss results. Our staff are unable to disclose results over the phone.
If you are following up regarding specific results, you may wish to confirms that these have been received prior to your appointment.


We are unable to accept phone referrals. If you require a referral, please book an appointment with your own doctor. 

If a referral has been made by your doctor, your patience in receiving your appointment date is appreciated.  

Unfortunately wait lists are long and, depending on the specialty, wait times to hear about your appointment can range from one week to many months.

​Once the initial referral has been made you are welcome to call your specialist's office to inquire.


Our staff do their best to provide excellent care. While we understand that health care interactions can be frustrating, inappropriate behaviour towards our staff or clinic will not be tolerated and will result in discontinuation of care.

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