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Trigger point injections (TPI)



TPI  treats painful areas of muscle that contain trigger points, or knots. These knots cause pain in the local area and in distant area. Quite often, such knots can be felt under the skin.


How does it work?


TPI help release the shortened bands of the muscle and/or fascia surrounding the muscle. TPI uses fine, disposable and sterile medical needles to inject local anesthetic, normal saline  or Mannitol with local anesthetic to release the knot, restore the normal blood supply, function and improve the pain.


The procedure take only few minutes. Treatment intervals vary depending on the specific problem and severity of the area being treated. If no results are seen we wil not continue beyond the first 4-6 sessions.




Minor side effects may include bruising, temporary aggravation of symptoms (for 1-2 days), nausea ( rare), dizziness, fainting, muscle spasm, infection (very rare), worsening of symptoms, retained needle (difficult to remove).


Major  side effects may include perforation of a lung, bowel and bladder or spinal cord injury with paraesthesia ( pricking sensation from inadvertently penetrating a nerve).


General advice:


Before treatment- have a light meal, no smoking 1 hour before treatment, no alcohol/tranquilizer 4 hours before treatment, take pain medication as normal, take normal medications given by your doctor, be well rested, drink 1-2 glassess of water. Wear dark-colored clothing.


After treatment- rest for 2 hours if possible, take pain medication as normal and keep a record, no alcohol/caffeine for 2 hours, no smoking for one hour. If treated for a painful condition, avoid strenuous activity for two days, even if you are pain free.


Patients are requested to inform myself about conditions such as allergies, pregnancy, peacemakers, hepatitis, HIV, haemophilia, bleeding disorders or the use of blood thinners prior to treatment.


Cost associated:


TPIs are covered by MSP fee plan, therefore there is no cost to the patient directly.

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