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 Your first thought when hearing “PDO threads” may be “the incisionless mini-facelift.” Used for the face, neck, and jawline, a threadlift is a spectacularly good procedure.

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Think beyond your face! PDO threads can effectively tighten sagging skin on practically any part of your body! By implanting fine, absorbable polydioxanone threads (similar to those used in medical suturing) into the subcutaneous layer of the skin using small needles, threads encourage controlled healing under the skin, lifting and tightening sagging skin tissues by inducing collagen production.

Now is the time to tighten your loose and sagging skin! Give us a call!

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What is PDO Thread Lift?

‘An excellent and effective cosmetic technique to lift and tighten sagging skin tissues’. Thread lift therapy originated from oriental acupuncture therapy to control and improve tissue stimulation and muscle contraction. The threads are made of a material called Polydioxanone (PDO). Polydioxanone (PDO) has been used for many years in surgery, particularly in cardiothoracic surgery. Why? Because it is fully absorbed within 4 to 6 months and doesn’t create any scar tissue. The foreign body stimulates collagen production and the skin structure created will hold for another 12 to 15 months. There are no cuts or incisions and the procedure is purely injection based much like other fillers! The Threads are needles that are pre-loaded with varying types of PDO threads. The threads are inserted in the tissue, parallel to the surface of the skin. The PDO thread remains under the skin and acts as scaffolding

How does the treatment work?

The PDO Thread Lift works by redefining the facial contours and inducing collagen production creating a lifting effect that lasts for up to 1 – 2 years. The threads will form a support structure for the tissue of the face due to collagen stimulation. The lifting effect is at its peak 6 months later when collagen has formed around the threads.

Which areas can be treated?

  • Upper and lower cheeks

  • Foreheads (brow lift)

  • Jawline, Neck

  • Nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines)

  • Marionette lines (corners of the mouth)

What are the possible side effects?

Side effects are very rare; however, you may experience: swelling, bruising, infection, foreign body reaction/granuloma, pain, migration, Facial nerve trauma, and asymmetry.

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