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This is one of the newest advances in Regenerative Medicine used to treat nerve pain and musculoskeletal pain due to sports injuries or chronic pain conditions.  Perineural injection treatment has a goal to restore normal function in nerves that cause chronic pain and degeneration. 

How does it work?

When nerves are injured or their supply area is injured, they swell. Perineural injections  involve injecting natural sugars just below the skin to promote healing of injured nerves, restoration of tissue function and elimination of pain. The sugar solution is turning off the pain receptors, shutting down the transmission of pain messages to the brain and reducing the nerve swelling.

The benefit of the procedure is heaving pain-free time that will last anywhere from two hours to four days after the treatment. With each subsequent treatment ussualy patients need fewer injections as some of the nerves will not get reactivated, and will remain pain-free for longer and longer. Eventually, your pain will not return.


What do I treat?


Any medical condition like:

condition associated with nerve injury neuralgia or neuropthy (such as diabetic or postherpetic neuropathy),

migraine headaches,

tension headaches (associated or not with MVAs), 

frozen shoulder,

scar tissue pain from previous surgeries or injuries




Complications include nerve injury, infection, bleeding.


Patients are requested to inform myself about conditions such as allergies, pregnancy, peacemakers, hepatitis, HIV, haemophilia, bleeding disorders or the use of blood thinners prior to treatment.


Cost associated:


Nerve block injection therapy is  covered by MSP fee plan, therefore there is no cost to the patient directly.

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